Legend ID is a regional expert in solutions tailored for Federal, State, and Local government. Our scalable, cost-effective, secure solutions work seamlessly with all major integrators to help facilitate NIMS, FIPS-201 and HSPD12 compliance.

Legend ID offers proven technologies to track first responders, medical personnel, volunteers, casualties, and displaced victims at an emergency scene. Solutions include scalable on-site incident management and web-based remote monitoring capabilities.

Trust Legend ID to help you:

  • Issue first responder and other secure government employee photo identification
  • Link multiple card issuance sites to a single secure ID database
  • Securely track people, assets, and certifications
  • Develop a path to NIMS, FIPS-201 and HSPD12 compliance
  • Manage and track visitors to government facilities
  • Secure, Concealed Handgun Permits