SAFE Enterprise Security Software

The modern hospital has evolved from having security in silos, to demanding integrated security systems across multiple disconnected facilities. With this shift, hospitals are finding true integration extremely difficult as multiple incompatibilities exist between systems from different vendors, rip-and-replace costs are difficult to justify, and compliance regulations are becoming increasingly difficult to meet.

In addition, proper visitor management can be very difficult to achieve for healthcare facilities, as they must comply with HIPAA requirements and protect the privacy and security of patients and staff while maintaining the feel of a safe and open environment.

The Quantum Secure SAFE for Healthcare – Intelligent Patient-Visitor Identity Management solution addresses hospital’s specific needs in managing visitors and contractors while delivering security in an open environment. The SAFE solution manages the flow of visitors in real-time with a patient’s movement, screens against watch lists with proper background vetting, and securely provisions identities into diverse PACS. Hospitals now have the ability to manage all of the physical identities that come into contact with their organization, meet compliance mandates, and ensure timely and secure access while simultaneously lowering operating costs and risk.

This policy-driven software features the following:

  • Rapid vetting / Patient controlled “Friends and Family”
  • Web based; centralized policies across disparate facilities
  • Provides enhanced security by automated verifying, screening, and badging of identities across the healthcare facilities
  • Centralized visitor management integration with HL-7, EPIC, Metasys, Cerner
  • Drives DEA, FDA and HIPAA compliance through consistent policies and regular reporting
  • PACS integration for temporary employee/contractors (i.e., forgotten badges)